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Tax tips for global citizens
There’s no escape from the taxman, especially if you’re between countries and have a double whammy of Inland Revenue charges levelled against you. Iain Yule talks us through avoiding unnecessary expense
Pressure off for non-residents?
Fears that wealthy expatriates based overseas could face huge tax bills as a result of a recent HM Revenue & Customs ruling have been overplayed, according to lawyers. Mark King investigates
Just another Italian style drama?
Italian prime minister Romano Prodi is threatening to bring back inheritance tax. Mark King runs a calculating eye over the facts and works out whether there is any cause for expatriates in the country to panic
Your money just got cleaner
Laundries for dirty money? Not any more. Low-tax centres are polishing up their act, and dusting down their reputation, says James Featherstone
How to join the tax-exiled jet set in Mauritius
The Mauritian government now allows foreign investment in property schemes. That means you can buy a holiday home for 285,000 and claim offshore tax status, reports Faith Glasgow
Directive: directing the way ahead for savers
Samantha Barrett on how the EU savings tax directive is opening up options for European savers when it comes to how their tax is handled