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There are so many of you out there, leading interesting lives in weird and wonderful places, and all of you the proud authors of blogs that no one but your closest friends read.

Here’s your chance to change that. Submit your blog to this site and let the world see what you’re made of. You can also rate the literary creations of others. But remember: people’s feelings are involved . . . so be nice!

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Blog from Bolivia

A finely crafted piece of artistry from the gilt-edged finger tips of one of Letchworth Garden City's most skilfully smart, solidly spiffed, splendidly striking, subtle and superiorly modest sons. In short. I am in Bolivia, I am writing a blog.

bex in moz

Adventures and more mundane goings on goings on of a Portuguese-British family of four living in Pemba, northern Mozambique. What they don't tell you about moving to a tropical paradise!

Berlin FAQ Blog

The occasional diary of a long-time British resident of Berlin, with the odd photo when there's little to write about. Largely free of sausage.

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