Karen Bruce Lockhart on child abduction
Kidnapped! Some legal advice
News roundup
World news update
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Ethical holidays in Africa
Zak Abushal relates his experiences in Mozambique, where he joined two of his friends in setting up a fair trade holiday resort that encourages tourism while looking after the local area and its people
Losing paradise
As Costa Rica evolves into a major travel destination, Clare Staunton points out how the ensuing overdevelopment will threaten the beauty and culture of this Central American jewel
Taking heart from new stars
Ken Burnett writes that if Paul Theroux and his like are to be believed, much of the fundraising done for international aid organisations has been a waste of time and money
Overcoming poverty in India
When it comes to fighting poverty in the sub-continent, where do you start? Perhaps by recruiting and training hundreds, even thousands of fundraisers, says Ken Burnett
Non-profits light the way
The Institute for One World Health has broken the private sector's global monopoly on healthcare and shown how effective not-for-profit enterprises can be in the fight against world suffering. Ken Burnett reports
Forward from World Aids day
Technological advances, cultural adjustments and education all have a role in combating the Aids/HIV pandemic. There is no simple solution, says Sarah Boseley, but governments must lead the way
Missing in Georgia
Peter Shaw has written a book about his experiences at the hands of kidnappers in Georgia. Anna Bruce-Lockhart meets him for a chat about his captivity and its effect on attitudes to international safety
Impressions of Burundi
Taja McKinney works as an international recruiter for International Medical Corps. She recently visited IMC’s programmes in Burundi, to see how the non-profit organisation is helping the world’s poorest nations become self-reliant
How a thermometer saves lives
Georgina Kenyon discovers how one man’s efforts to send discarded medical equipment from Australia to neighbouring countries has become a global endeavour, one that saves lives in the world’s most remote regions
Helter skelter
Sam Nganga works for Population Services International, a not-for-profit organisation attempting to prevent the spread of HIV. He relates his experiences in the field in Haiti

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