Natural Remedies For Hayfever, Dermatitis & Rhinitis – Shilajit

Allergic reactions and unpleasant symptoms can be leveled with no pharmaceutical intervention due to natural ingredients, which is confirmed by the research on natural remedies for hayfever published by Natural Healthcare hub. Starting the course shilajit, a powerful natural medication, is a reasonable step to take to do away with allergic conditions.

Shilajit is applied as a 0.1 percent solution, for the preparation which it isobligatory to observe a 1:1 proportion of, i. e. one gram of shilajit to one liter of water. The resulting solution is taken once a day on an empty stomach in the mornings at a dosage of 50-100 ml depending on the age. In the treatment of allergies in children (1-3 years old) the dosage of 50 ml is recommended, while the treatment of 4-7 years children typically involves 70 ml. Accordingly, children over 8 years old and adults are prescribed 100 ml of shilajit solution. It is worth noting that using shilajit pills for preparation of such solution has an extremely poor efficiency.

The course of treatment

As a rule, the treatment course lasts for 20 days. If after taking the full course allergic reactions didn’t pass away,  reduce the dose of the solution in half and split the dosage into the morning and evening one. In the presence of allergic dermatitis shilajitis used topically: 20 grams of shilajit are diluted with 20 grams of shilajit, lubricate the damaged skin with the resulting solution. The substance dissolves perfectly. Take into account the solution will have a diuretic and laxative effect on your body. If rash is observed, which is typical of a food allergy, prepare shilajit decoction of up to 30% concentration and use it to lubricate the erupted areas.

More natural remedies for hayfever & allergic conditions

Get rid of the allergic attacks with 50 grams raspberry roots decoction prepared in 0.5 liters of water. The mixture should be boiled within 40 minutes on low heat. Take two tablespoons of broth three times a day to as long as seizures disappear. The decoction is better to be kept in the refrigerator.

Rosehip broth represents a stunning remedy for allergies during pregnancy. Boasting numerous useful properties, it will not only help to get rid of the symptoms, but also greatly enhance the immune system. To prepare the broth used fruits and other plant parts are used.

The natural remedies for hayfever –sage and green tea, suit perfectly for the prevention of allergic reactions. Warm broth sage is used for washing the nose and throat before going out, while green tea is used to wash the eyes.

Sun allergy

Among the treatment methods from sun allergy (photodermatosis) wormwood is considered to be one of the most effective ones. Wormwood tincture and baths help to cope with the causes of the symptoms; to prepare the tincture using twelve young twigs of the plant is enough. Wash them and fold in a glass jar, then pour the alcohol and keep it in a dark place for 12 hours. For topical treatment cabbage leaves, cucumbers and potato rings are applied, as well as ointments based on plant extracts.

Animal allergy

Motherwort is the most effective remedy for allergies to cats. You may need to rinse the throat four times a day, it is also recommended to wash the nose with the infusion. To prepare a decoction, pour the crushed herb in boiling water and infuse it in a sealed container for two hours. All the components are mixed in a 1:5 ratio.