Dentures Repairing & Restoration

Although patients are trying to keep their dentures safe and sound, thus reducing the risk of damage, nevertheless, sooner or later even the most reliable mechanisms get out of order. And if the prosthesis is damaged or destroyed, restoration is a way more cost-efficient affair in comparison with purchasing new dentures.

As a rule, dentures are damaged or broken when falling in the process of intensive cleaning or when a prosthesis falls from height. When dropped on a hard surface, be it a tile floor or a ceramic sink, cracks and fractures are almost inevitable. Repairing dentures by your own means is not recommended for a good number of reasons: from a risk of complete break to improper fixing that may lead to unexpected consequences when eating. In the restoration of dentures, as well as in any other case, a lot of nuances and experience is required. Independent repairing may result in a further deterioration of the prosthesis, or in oral discomfort, and, as a consequence, change in the bite.

Professional repairing ensures that the prosthesis is restored or replaced properly, depending on the relevant recommendations of the dentist. This prevents further damage, oral injuries and the risk of damage of teeth structure.

An average prosthesis is not that fragile; however, wearing dentures during a long period of time, during which dentures are typically subjected to extreme temperatures on a constant basis, slowly but surely leads to wear and tear. The fact should be underlined that people with bruxism (teeth grinding) subject dentures to an extra load, increasing the risk of damage.

When the odds are not good…

Even though repaired dentures tend to be less stable, the restoration is a way cheaper option then manufacturing a new one. It takes a couple of minutes for a seasoned dentist to inspect the damage and evaluate the chances for a successful repairing. Fortunately, even the situations when a prosthesis is been broken in three places, can be rescued, so do not despair and get in touch with some proficient agency. If you are looking denture repair Manchester assistance, drop in at Qdentix – a laboratory famous for its truly skillful staff.

So how it works?

Dental technician clears the prosthesis, and applies a dental resin for bonding and sealing to the areas of fractures or cracks. The individual parts of the prosthesis are glued together and polished later on, so that the prosthesis looks and functions like new. In addition, the cost may include professional cleaning from coffee, tea and tobacco plaque to press for smooth and glossy surface.

If a prosthesis tooth is broken, its maintenance is also not a problem – it can be quite easily replaced with a fixed tooth or old, if it is not damaged. Dental technicians, specially trained to repair and restore dental prostheses, are capable of working miracles; taking into account that consultations are provided on a free basis in an overwhelming number of cases, at least contacting such expert and checking whether fixing is a way out is always a reasonable step to take.