How to set up VPN on Mac OS

Mac is undoubtedly regarded as second most used IS in the world after windows. The consumer base is therefore high and VPN making companies cannot overlook it at all. Mac on the other hand also recognizes VPN as one of the ways to access the uncensored internet. It has therefore added several features within the OS that support VPN connectivity. In order to connect VPN on Mac IS you first need to make sure that it is properly setup. You can also find Mac-related info on AntaNet updates on VPN service theme which is definitely useful.

Ways of VPN configuration on Mac

There are several ways of setting up VPN on Mac and therefore the phenomenon is easy. Some of the most common ways in this regard are:

  • VPN app installation
  • Cisco IPSec VPNs
  • Open VPN

The above-mentioned ways are briefly described as under:

VPN app installation

It is the best and most advanced way of using VPN on Mac. There is no setup involved and the connection is established automatically. The interface as well as server communications are all automatic. There is minimum human interference and therefore no need of any tech knowledge. The VPN apps ensure that their dedicated servers are accessed. It is also common for such apps that hundreds of servers are placed all over the globe. Efficient and effective connections are what these apps are embedded with. With minimum downtime you are sure to get an unmatched connection as every VPN client related company strives for the best.

Cisco IPSec VPN  

In this process the user needs technical knowledge to some extent. Here the internal configurations of Mac come into play. The process has been explained in manual of purchased Mac. However for the ease of user the process has been explained as under:

  • Open Apple menu
  • Hit preferences
  • Network of Wi-Fi icon is then to be hit on the next screen
  • Select Open Network
  • Hit the plus sign
  • Select VPN on the next screen
  • Choose VPN server
  • Enter the name of VPN service for easy recognition

All other OS like Linux and Windows have built-in support for Cisco IPSec while Mac OS does have one. Online guides and instructions should be followed for completing the process. The overall process is lengthy but the good part is that it is to be followed once only.

Open VPN

Site to site and point to point VPN connections on Mac can be established with Open VPN. It is therefore one of the best and most used terminologies as it is free to use. However a third party app is needed to get the work done with ease. Tunnelblick is the official recommendation. The process which is to be implemented is as follows:

  • Install and launch Tunnelblick
  • Provide the configuration files to Tunnelblick once it asks. The files with .ovpn extension are the ones to be looked for
  • Select VPN details from Tunnelblick interface
  • Fill in all the details and you are good to go.