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Blog Name Is it just me?
Category Expat files (the truth is out there)
Submitted Tuesday October 24th 2006
Description Still seeing like a traveller but living as an expat. I?m sure it?s what I wanted; so why?s it all so strange? Sweat soaked scrawls from an undisclosed African corner
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Monday November 6th 2006|granny p in UK and Canaries
Have just encountered, Megan. She is precise, funny, laughs at herself and everything else; not always easy. She gets Africa. She knows how to tell stories ? her posts are full but don't meander; I like her expat profiles very much. Naivete and crookery, so far. I look forward to more.
Wednesday November 1st 2006|P Barron in UK
Having lived and worked in Africa for years, I?ve also found myself in many similar situations to Megan, some which make you laugh and others, (more often than not) cry. Things here aren?t always easy, but to write about these experiences with humour gives readers a unique insight into our lives here and probably allows the author to let off some much needed steam!
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