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Blog Name mamahog 'n the lets
Category Expat files (the truth is out there)
Submitted Wednesday December 13, 2006
Description The notebook of a Cornish, usually happily single mum of twin girls living in Istanbul. I'm generally against baking unless I'm hungover and the angels demand it. Into free expression with colours, mess and words, and when I'm not doing my best to earn money and raise happy, confident, compassionate kids I'm here trying to educate myself, pass on what I learn and change the world before bedtime. Ridiculous I know, but a worthy cause nonetheless.
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There are currently 2 reviews for this blog

Tuesday December 19, 2006|AJY in turkey
This is a window onto the uncoventional life of a single mum, who spins a narrative of raising twins on her own in a foreign country & the challenges & rewards that brings. It's written with flair & humour & sometimes startling insights. It's the blog I find most worthwhile to visit regularly.
Sunday December 17, 2006|sage in USA
I love this site. Keda can be funny yet serious. She cares deeply about her children and others, a trait that shines through her writings. She is flexible (just look at her pictures, many of which she has taken herself). She has a desire to make the world better and to raise up her children to be compassionate. I can't imagine how hard it would be to raise children as a single mother, but Mamahog does this while bringing smiles to those around her.