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Bon vivant: fine wine, food and entertainment

Listed below are blogs in the Bon vivant: fine wine, food and entertainment category.

This category pokes its refined and modishly remodelled nose into the spicier nooks of the world, taking in the vastness of all that is good in life; all that is chic, social and sensual.

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Petite anglaise - lost, in France

An Englishwoman's persepctive on her life in Paris. It touches on personal issues: raising a toddler alone, breakup of her marriage, and the furore surrounding her dismissal from work when her blogging was discovered.

New life abroad – talking Turkey

This blog offers insight into what it's really like moving to a new country. Join Pete, Lorraine and Jasmine in their new life in Turkey. Informative, sometimes profound and occasionally witty, it focuses on the issues around renting a house, ...

Brussels Choral Society

News and information for members of Brussels Choral Society in particular, and members of the Brussels expat community with interests in the theatre, music and the arts in general. Open to all to read and comment, but only BCS members may post.

Chris Dolley's journal

Author's whimsical blog about expat life in France, animals, humour and books. Includes the serialisation of the ultimate expat horror story of how, abandoned by the police when his identity was stolen and life savings seized, he had to solve the ...

Postcard from Provence

Julian Merrow-Smith is a British painter living in Provence, posting a daily postcard-sized painting from Provence. He was recently featured in the New York Times, and descibed by Yahoo Picks as follows: ...

Native Spain

A collaborative approach to updating a guide book on the region of Murcia. My husband and I moved out last year and wrote the guide book Going Native In Murcia, and we need your help to update it.

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