Karen Bruce Lockhart on child abduction
Kidnapped! Some legal advice
News roundup
World news update
Free trial
Cramming for charity
Some UK-based postgraduate courses are offering precisely the skills that NGOs around the globe want. These days a little learning can make a world of difference, finds Stephen Hoare
Masters of the universe
While students from around the world flock to Britain to take postgraduate courses, many British graduates find they benefit from going abroad to study, writes Chris Alden
Egypt reverses the brain drain
Amid the historic bustle of central Cairo, a top-class research facility is attracting talented young Egyptians who might have fled elsewhere to learn, writes Linda Nordling
Good schools abroad
Anastasia Moloney looks at some of the best international schools around the world. There's no reason for for your kids to lose out on a top rate education, wherever they might live
When they're learning the wrong lessons in school
Anne Copeland writes that foreign parents bring their own expectations to their child’s classroom, often with unintended consequences for the teacher
A very English education
Independent schools in Britain may be the expensive option, especially if you're planning to send your kids in from overseas, but they are virtually failsafe in ensuring pupils achieve their best
Virtual schooling
An increasing number of children are abandoning traditional classrooms in favour of studying at home. All they need is a computer with internet access and a headset, says Anthea Rowan
How to study from abroad
Schoolchildren who trot the globe with their parents need not lose out on a stable education and the chance to be accepted at the university of their choice in later life, writes Anne P. Copeland
‘The tyranny of proximity is over’
A growing number of Australian students are juggling coursework with full-time jobs. Rob Burgess looks at why flexible learning has become a necessity in Australian higher education

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