Karen Bruce Lockhart on child abduction
Kidnapped! Some legal advice
News roundup
World news update
Free trial
Moving through the pain
In the second of a series of articles for internationally mobile children and teenagers, child psychologist Douglas Ota outlines how young people can cope with the upheavals of a new life abroad
Party time in Tanzania
Anthea Rowan takes a lesson in tightrope walking as she tries to balance her teenage daughter’s demands for a birthday party with the cultural sensibilities of the attending guests
Dreaming of Spain
Lee Young explains that the prospect of a sunny holiday home continues to lure many Britons to Spain. But for those with modest incomes, the move can become a nightmare
Bringing eggs to Britain
Amanda Olsson finds that although her children looked out of place in China, on return to the United Kingdom and their 'home', their conversion to Asian culture became startlingly clear
Wallabies retire to France
Determined to dodge the Grim Reaper for a few more years, Guardian Abroad reader Ray Johnstone left Australia to spend his retirement in France. He shares his tips on how to make everything come up sunflowers
Castle for a young prince
Paris-based Paul Myers shirks an opportunity to return to England to see friends and family, opting instead to brave a half-term jaunt to Burgundy with two young daughters and seven-month-old son
Binoculars of grief and gain
In the first of a series for internationally mobile children and teenagers, child psychologist Douglas Ota outlines how young people can cope with the upheavals of a new life abroad
A strong constitution
David Smith is a Guardian Abroad reader. He lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, having emigrated from Britain in 2003. He looks back on some initial teething problems, and offers a spot of advice
Chat in the 21st Century
From cheap internet phonecalls to virtual hugs: Simon Payn takes a comprehensive look at the latest ways to communicate cheaply and easily when you live abroad
Keeping up appearances
Anthea Rowan on what it's like to be hell-bent on the perfect Christmas tree in Africa, several thousand miles from the nearest European fir plantation

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