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We compile checklists to help you ensure that you've thought of every thing involved in projects linked to the expatriate life - from moving, choosing schools, settling in, and coming home. If you've got ideas for other topics that would be useful, let us know at

Removals companies
Here is a list of recommended websites that offer removals services and advice on overseas shipping and haulage
Before you move abroad
Christine Reid has moved from country to country, and gives some essential advice – from experience – for those who are planning to relocate to a new place
How to stay alive abroad
Have a look at our specially compiled Guardian Abroad health checklist before you head off. It could save your life!
Setting Out
So you’re moving overseas? You sure? OK, then here’s the Guardian Abroad checklist for relocation, relocation, relocation. Although much of the information is UK-specific, we’ve tried, where possible, to make the guidelines applicable globally.
Homeward Bound
Are you thinking of moving back home after years overseas? Here’s the Guardian Abroad guide to the practical things you’ll need to turn your mind to, as well as some tips to help you come to terms emotionally with a country that may have moved on without