Karen Bruce Lockhart on child abduction
Kidnapped! Some legal advice
News roundup
World news update
Free trial
World health insurance
When it comes to rules on healthcare every country is different. Here, AXAPPP runs through a few of the main diffences and the usual pitfalls to look out for
Going under cover
Finding healthcare abroad that doesn't cost the earth is a complicated business, even when you're fully insured. Sam Barrett sheds some light on the mystifying world of private health insurance
Cuba best for healthcare
In spite of little wealth and ramshackle streets, Cuba is home to a welfare state that is second to none. Georgina Kenyon takes a look at the healthcare system that even developed countries have their eye on
Dying abroad
Saundra Satterlee writes that death poses particular problems for the relatives of those who perish in a foreign country. She looks at the costs and paperwork that can slow up a painful process
The cost of medical cover
Expatriates need to be aware of their eligibility for local medical treatment and, with new laws kicking in, know if they're entitled to free treatment when they return home. Iain Yule investigates
Health insurance: use it or lose it
The cost of expatriate healthcare is high and it's likely to remain so, says Barbara Cockburn. But the single biggest cost factor is where you are treated
Get out of the expat ghetto
Gillian Bennett is a Guardian Abroad reader. She has lived in Italy for 17 years, but wishes she had made more of an effort to fit in. She looks at the impact of segregation on our emotional health
Malaria: prevention not cure
There are a number of preventative measures available for travellers heading to malarial areas. Anthea Rowan takes a look at the options available for those facing longer-term stays
How to stay alive abroad
Have a look at our specially compiled Guardian Abroad health checklist before you head off. It could save your life!
A bitter pill to swallow in Beijing
Elisabeth Hallett is surprised to find it takes her western wiles to overcome eastern medicine in China's capital

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