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This is the heart of the site where you share your experiences. While we offer lots of advice and anecdotes from professional writers, this is the opportunity for readers to have their say and let everyone else learn from their mistakes, sharing the ups and downs of life abroad. Send your submissions to

Dream on the shores of Lake Macquarie
David Wood lives in Australia. He is amazed that the prospect of owning a beautiful lakeside home could help him overcome worries about global warming and rising water levels
Time to take the top off
Stuart Roberts gets into a seasonal mood as he watches the winter-weary Swedes emerge blinking into the light, polish their motorbikes and renew their love affair with the spring
How to be a good house guest
Seasoned traveller Angela Stokes stayed in 65 places in 2006 alone. Here she shares some of the tips she picked up along the way for being the perfect house guest, helping you to avoid the fallouts
Falling in love with Greece
Eight years ago Sara Young made a wild decision to move to Greece. She hasn't looked back, even if being a TEFL teacher means she's the only one in school not allowed to speak English
More than just a big party
Cyrilla Castel writes that Bolivia’s smaller, less publicised fiestas reveal the complex connection between an indigenous people and their history
Christmas cheer the Swiss way
Alan Gould takes a trip around a traditional Swiss Christmas market, eager to dispel some age-old clichés about the country and its inhabitants
Baring all in Bordeaux
John Shackleton advises those among his fellow Anglo-Saxons who are planning a move to France to think long and hard about what awaits them before leaping to the 'wrong' side of the Channel
Life's a beach . . .
When Brian Mee comes back to the UK from his new home in Brazil, things seem a bit too restrained. Besides, doesn’t everyone want to live at the beach?
Christmas and Eid Al Adha
Barbara Hartley believes we should stop phasing out religious traditions like Christmas and Eid in order to avoid giving offence to non-believers, and celebrate them all in the spirit of multi-culturalism and good will
Formative experiences
In the long years since he began translating Italian into English, Nik Boini has learnt to find meaning in the worst textual tangles. There are, he finds, some words that are better left unsaid
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