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Spirit of eternal rest
Sleep-deprived dad Paul Myers regains his composure in the tranquil galleries of London before returning to France and taking his children out for a spot of domestic stillness at the Musée Rodin
Ethical holidays in Africa
Zak Abushal relates his experiences in Mozambique, where he joined two of his friends in setting up a fair trade holiday resort that encourages tourism while looking after the local area and its people
Must like dogs
When John Shackleton and his wife moved to France they were at something of an impasse when it came to Bordeaux society. That is, until a bundle of fur and saliva broke into it for them
Kindness in a cold land
The move from Northern Ireland to Saskatchewan proved a tremendous shock for the farming McGee family, writes Johnny Scott. But they made it through with a little help from their new friends
Losing paradise
As Costa Rica evolves into a major travel destination, Clare Staunton points out how the ensuing overdevelopment will threaten the beauty and culture of this Central American jewel
Party time in Tanzania
Anthea Rowan takes a lesson in tightrope walking as she tries to balance her teenage daughter’s demands for a birthday party with the cultural sensibilities of the attending guests
Melting machismo
A tomboy living in Istanbul who equates primping with promiscuity learns a lesson in the Turkish idea of feminine from her savvy sister-in-law. This tale is the third of three parts
La vie en rose
We’re all suckers for the French dream and Ridley Scott is no exception, as he recently illustrated with his new film, A Good Year. Samantha David sets out to put right some of his more obvious misconceptions
Taking heart from new stars
Ken Burnett writes that if Paul Theroux and his like are to be believed, much of the fundraising done for international aid organisations has been a waste of time and money
Cuba best for healthcare
In spite of little wealth and ramshackle streets, Cuba is home to a welfare state that is second to none. Georgina Kenyon takes a look at the healthcare system that even developed countries have their eye on
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