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Property in the Republic of Turkey
Saundra Satterlee and the house market in Turkey
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Market focus on France
Liberté, egalité et properté. This week Saundra Satterlee looks at some fantastic opportunities for homebuying hopefuls among the cities, plains and mountain slopes of la belle France
United Arab Emirates
Home to the richest, largest, fastest and tallest. Saundra Satterlee takes a look at some emerging property prospects in the world's most impressive development zone and pearl of the Middle East
Market focus on St. Lucia
The Cricket World Cup will be held in the Caribbean this year, and St. Lucia is gearing up to accommodate the hordes. Saundra Satterlee takes a look at what the island has to offer those who find they just can't leave
Market focus on Italy
This week Saundra Satterlee looks at Italy, where classical heritage and some beautiful buildings are available to own – for those who can afford it
Market Focus on Cape Verde
It's time for our fortnightly spotlight on one of the world's emerging property markets. This week Saundra Satterlee sets her sights on a verdant cluster of islands 500km off the coast of West Africa
Cost of the Lanzarote coastline
Penelope Farmer writes that a hitherto unenforced law that was designed to protect the coastline of this Spanish island from shoddy development may end up robbing residents of their homes
Market focus on Portugal
Saundra Satterlee takes her fortnightly stroll through the shifting sands of overseas property, assessing the pitfalls that await prospective buyers. This week it's the land of golf
Market focus on Slovenia
Saundra Satterlee takes her fortnightly foray into the property hotspots of specific countries, probing into the murkier areas and outlining everything you need to know about the market
Where angels fear to tread
As a foreigner, buying a house in Italy can be fraught with snags and perils. Barbara McMahon leads us through the stages of the process and unpacks its daunting mystique
Emerging property market: Northern Cyprus
Buying property is risky anywhere, says Saundra Satterlee, but in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus land laws are tied up in a war that ended 30 years ago

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