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A practical selection of articles from the professionals - from finance, to relocation, education, this is where you can read what the experts advise.

Cramming for charity
Some UK-based postgraduate courses are offering precisely the skills that NGOs around the globe want. These days a little learning can make a world of difference, finds Stephen Hoare
Market focus on France
Liberté, egalité et properté. This week Saundra Satterlee looks at some fantastic opportunities for homebuying hopefuls among the cities, plains and mountain slopes of la belle France
Offshore bargains
From high interest current accounts in British pounds to those in a foreign currency, both expats and onshore savers in the UK can benefit from great offshore rates, says Helen Pridham
World health insurance
When it comes to rules on healthcare every country is different. Here, AXAPPP runs through a few of the main diffences and the usual pitfalls to look out for
Moving through the pain
In the second of a series of articles for internationally mobile children and teenagers, child psychologist Douglas Ota outlines how young people can cope with the upheavals of a new life abroad
Going under cover
Finding healthcare abroad that doesn't cost the earth is a complicated business, even when you're fully insured. Sam Barrett sheds some light on the mystifying world of private health insurance
United Arab Emirates
Home to the richest, largest, fastest and tallest. Saundra Satterlee takes a look at some emerging property prospects in the world's most impressive development zone and pearl of the Middle East
Tax tips for global citizens
There’s no escape from the taxman, especially if you’re between countries and have a double whammy of Inland Revenue charges levelled against you. Iain Yule talks us through avoiding unnecessary expense
Masters of the universe
While students from around the world flock to Britain to take postgraduate courses, many British graduates find they benefit from going abroad to study, writes Chris Alden
Grace under pressure
Moving overseas can take its toll on even the most resilient of us. Patricia Linderman looks at what you can do to ease the stress of living abroad
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