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Recently Answered Questions

I am about to relocate to Milan on a permanent basis and have been happy in the knowledge that, subject to Italian law, ultimately my estate will not be liable for inheritance tax. However, I have recently heard that the Italian inheritance law is under review. Is this the case?

Question was answered by Saundra Satterlee

I am thinking of relocating to Spain (Madrid or Barcelona) and I would like to know what are the first steps I should take in terms of looking for a job and for accommodation. I work in the book publishing industry in London but am open to other possibilities, especially in those industries offering travelling. I do have good Spanish and also speak Italian. Many thanks for any help

Question was answered by Patricia Dawn Severenuk

What job opportunities are there likely to be in France for an experinced English teacher, 1st-class degree and QTS status with TEFL qualification? Wife NNEB-qualified with lots of experience. Both speak small amount of French. Also great DIY skills... can tile, paint and floor. We have three young children and would sell our house leaving around 35k to make the move. Any advice??

Question was answered by Samantha David

Featured Experts

Patricia Dawn Severenuk
Patricia came to Madrid and couldn't bring herself to leave again. She has established herself as a correspondent for various Madrid-based magazines
Samantha David
Samantha lives in France with her family and a menagerie of animals. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Living in France
Saundra Satterlee
Saundra draws on her wide experience as a journalist to answer your questions on the international property market

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