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Like-minded people don?t always live next door. Particularly if duties and desires have lead you to leave your national country and venture to new territories.

Guardian Abroad is here to help you at each stage of your adventure; from the preparation and initial culture shock, to the longer-term issues you face when you have settled into your adopted country. And we?re not forgetting those of you who have lived abroad for many years, or who are heading for home, and might need a hand coming to terms with a country that in the intervening years has moved on without you.

We can provide a wealth of practical information from experts in key areas (such as finance, health, and education) plus, we give you the opportunity to exchange views with the experts on the ground ? other expatriates. In our community forums you can touch base with people like you, share the good and bad experiences you?ve been through, and have the chance to ask for advice so that you can benefit from each other?s local knowledge (and not make the same mistakes). Guardian Abroad is a community for people who share an interested and forward-thinking conceptual culture, where debate flourishes, where your contribution is valued and your questions can be answered.

Whether you are out in a lonely outpost or surrounded by strangers it?s good to know agreeable company is at hand. Here at your fingertips is a site tailored to who and where you are.

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Editorial policy

At Guardian Abroad our aim is to provide you with high-quality editorial practical and/or reflective pieces about global living. If you are interested in contributing to the site with your own experiences, to add to the pieces by our own journalists and contributors, please write to either with an article, or your idea for what you'd like to write about.

* Please be aware that although we welcome submissions from writers, both amateur and professional, we have a policy of awarding payment to occupational writers only. We are not above wrangling over this point, however.

If you want to share your expat experiences in a more informal way, you might want to add your thoughts to our talkboards where you can start a discussion with other readers around the world.

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