Karen Bruce Lockhart on child abduction
Kidnapped! Some legal advice
News roundup
World news update
Free trial
Falling in love with Greece
Eight years ago Sara Young made a wild decision to move to Greece. She hasn't looked back, even if being a TEFL teacher means she's the only one in school not allowed to speak English
Formative experiences
In the long years since he began translating Italian into English, Nik Boini has learnt to find meaning in the worst textual tangles. There are, he finds, some words that are better left unsaid
Rise and fall of the native speaker
John Hughes tracks the evolution of the EFL teacher, and finds that in today's ethnically diverse classroom the Queen's English isn't cutting any mustard
Seeing double in Barcelona
Natasha Young admits that living in the Catalonian capital can often be an incredible challenge and a huge expense, but the warm sunshine and the vibrant nightlife somehow make it all worthwhile
Don’t speak English in Japan!
John Abecasis-Phillips is a Guardian Abroad reader. He explains that the way Japanese schools teach English means that students may be able to read the language but have real trouble when it is spoken
Words to the warriors
Anne Dixon and her friends from Global English have spent the last two years working as volunteer English teachers at schools in Ghana, Malawi and Tanzania
A year in the bathhouse
Simon Brandon recalls his baptism into South Korean culture as an English teacher and the places that provided him with surprising succour
International relations in Bishkek
Clare Staunton spent a year teaching English at a university in Kyrgyzstan, where her unconventional approach to the classroom engendered some surprising debates
Tales from the birdcage
If you don't have a degree, flying all the way to Japan to find a job teaching English isn't advisable. But it's not the worst idea you'll ever have, says Ben Stevens

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