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Blog Name Present simple
Category Classroom antics around the world
Submitted Wednesday September 27, 2006

Badaunt is from New Zealand, and now lives in Japan teaching English to university students. (She has links for language teachers in the left sidebar. Scroll down.)

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There are currently 2 reviews for this blog

Monday November 20, 2006|Asarra in New Zealand
This blog gives blogging a good name. There just isn't anyone else out there who comes close. By rights you should have had publishers in a frenzy, desperate to sign you up and newspapers queuing to have you write a column. Arch-procrastinators in particular will enjoy reading BadAunt's entire archive over the course of a weekend.
Saturday October 14, 2006|Barry in New Zealand
I love Present Simple - particularly the little stories she imagines between the various birds and other wildlife she encounters. She brings the same humourous perspective to bear when telling tales from the educational coal-face. I can't give her more than 3 stars for credibility, sorry, because I think she might be making the bird stories up.