Karen Bruce Lockhart on child abduction
Kidnapped! Some legal advice
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Outlook ? International development news and jobs

The Guardian Weekly's Outlook email includes the most recent Guardian Weekly articles on international development issues, as well as international development jobs and course vacancies. From the challenges facing the Chinese juggernaut, to recovery from tsunami devastation, and the war on HIV/Aids, Outlook will keep you informed.

This email is sent fortnightly, and forms an invaluable resource for anyone currently employed by or interested in working for an NGO, and all those concerned about issues confronting the world's developing nations.

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TEFL update

Learning English, the Guardian Weekly's special section for teachers of English, offers an email service aimed at busy teachers who want to access classroom materials and the latest career information in the most practical format. Every month, TEFL update will provide you with a complete lesson plan based on a news feature from the Guardian Weekly, plus all the TEFL jobs and courses advertised in the latest issue of Learning English.

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Guardian Weekly Jobs and Courses

The Jobs and Courses email service includes all the jobs and courses printed in the Guardian Weekly every week. A useful resource for academics, educators, public sector professionals and humanitarian workers, this email is sent on the day of publication to allow you to respond promptly to any vacancies.

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Academic Jobs and Courses

The Guardian Weekly's Academic Jobs and Courses email filters sends you a list of all academic jobs and courses printed in the Guardian Weekly every week, filtering out any vacancies from other sectors. So if you?re an academic who wishes to keep any eye on potential opportunities from universities around the globe, this is the most efficient way of doing it.

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Money Observer?s e-update

A free weekly email from award-winning consumer finance magazine Money Observer, the e-update contains investment tips and the latest news from the world of personal finance. Sign up and get the latest financial news and hot tips direct to your desk, free. It may be one of the wisest financial decisions you?ll ever make.

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