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How to be a good house guest
Seasoned traveller Angela Stokes stayed in 65 places in 2006 alone. Here she shares some of the tips she picked up along the way for being the perfect house guest, helping you to avoid the fallouts
Must like dogs
When John Shackleton and his wife moved to France they were at something of an impasse when it came to Bordeaux society. That is, until a bundle of fur and saliva broke into it for them
Kindness in a cold land
The move from Northern Ireland to Saskatchewan proved a tremendous shock for the farming McGee family, writes Johnny Scott. But they made it through with a little help from their new friends
La vie en rose
We’re all suckers for the French dream and Ridley Scott is no exception, as he recently illustrated with his new film, A Good Year. Samantha David sets out to put right some of his more obvious misconceptions
Grace under pressure
Moving overseas can take its toll on even the most resilient of us. Patricia Linderman looks at what you can do to ease the stress of living abroad
Christmas cheer the Swiss way
Alan Gould takes a trip around a traditional Swiss Christmas market, eager to dispel some age-old clichés about the country and its inhabitants
Baring all in Bordeaux
John Shackleton advises those among his fellow Anglo-Saxons who are planning a move to France to think long and hard about what awaits them before leaping to the 'wrong' side of the Channel
New York state of mind
In order to know the real New York you need first to understand its food. And if the whole city revolves in and around one towering New York deli sandwich, then Simon Brandon can show you where to find enlightenment
Life's a beach . . .
When Brian Mee comes back to the UK from his new home in Brazil, things seem a bit too restrained. Besides, doesn’t everyone want to live at the beach?
Christmas and Eid Al Adha
Barbara Hartley believes we should stop phasing out religious traditions like Christmas and Eid in order to avoid giving offence to non-believers, and celebrate them all in the spirit of multi-culturalism and good will

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