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Property in the Republic of Turkey
Saundra Satterlee and the house market in Turkey
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Blog Name New life abroad – talking Turkey
Category Bon vivant: fine wine, food and entertainment
Submitted Wednesday October 4, 2006
Description This blog offers insight into what it's really like moving to a new country. Join Pete, Lorraine and Jasmine in their new life in Turkey. Informative, sometimes profound and occasionally witty, it focuses on the issues around renting a house, learning the language and culture shock
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Tuesday October 17, 2006|Gary in UK
I have really enjoyed reading about Pete and Lorraine's new life in Turkey. It's very informative and useful to someone who hopes to be doing the same thing next year. I look forward to the next update.
Friday October 13, 2006|c gifford in united kingdom
This blog gives a real insight into moving to a different country and I'm sure is a great help to anyone considering moving abroad and what to expect when they get there.
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