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Le Blagueur à Paris

A "blagueur" in french is a prankster or a joker. Le Meg tries to earn this title with each irreverant post about food, music and life in the city of lights. Le Meg works in health policy and lives on the northeast side of Paris. She ...

Living for disco

Written by Rachie, a VSO volunteer lost in the depths of urban Windhoek. When not busy saving the world, she likes to 'spend time wrestling leopards, or roasting antelopes on a spit in my back yard. Because that's what we do in Namibia.'

Petite anglaise - lost, in France

An Englishwoman's persepctive on her life in Paris. It touches on personal issues: raising a toddler alone, breakup of her marriage, and the furore surrounding her dismissal from work when her blogging was discovered.

Present simple

Badaunt is from New Zealand, and now lives in Japan teaching English to university students. (She has links for language teachers in the left sidebar. Scroll down.)

Sour grapes

The blog presence of Brussels's second-funniest humour columnist writing in English. TV, music, politics, books, art. Global diatribe covering an area the size of Belgium. May contain traces of peanuts


Lucy Pepper is an illustrator living and working just outside Lisbon, with her Portuguese partner, a grumpy historian, and their two small people. She started blogging three years ago, as Vitriolica Webb, so she could tell the ghastly and terrifying ...

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