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Blog Name Sour grapes
Category Global diatribes and politics
Submitted Friday October 6, 2006
Description The blog presence of Brussels's second-funniest humour columnist writing in English. TV, music, politics, books, art. Global diatribe covering an area the size of Belgium. May contain traces of peanuts
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There are currently 2 reviews for this blog

Monday October 23, 2006|ing in Canada
Funny, satirical, outspoken, thought-provoking and often touching commentary by an obviously well-read, erudite blogger with fascinatingly eclectic tastes. Great links to terrific sites and bits of info you'd probably never find on your own. Of all the blogs I regularly read, I save this one for last. It's for savouring, like good Belgian chocolate, or creamy lemon curd cake.
Thursday October 19, 2006|Paula Light in USA
A wry guy with a twist of sublime. Another round, please!