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Latest Articles about France

Spirit of eternal rest
Sleep-deprived dad Paul Myers regains his composure in the tranquil galleries of London before returning to France and taking his children out for a spot of domestic stillness at the Musée Rodin
Market focus on France
Liberté, egalité et properté. This week Saundra Satterlee looks at some fantastic opportunities for homebuying hopefuls among the cities, plains and mountain slopes of la belle France
Must like dogs
When John Shackleton and his wife moved to France they were at something of an impasse when it came to Bordeaux society. That is, until a bundle of fur and saliva broke into it for them
La vie en rose
We’re all suckers for the French dream and Ridley Scott is no exception, as he recently illustrated with his new film, A Good Year. Samantha David sets out to put right some of his more obvious misconceptions
Baring all in Bordeaux
John Shackleton advises those among his fellow Anglo-Saxons who are planning a move to France to think long and hard about what awaits them before leaping to the 'wrong' side of the Channel
Milking the good life
Johnny Scott meets a family of dairy farmers who swapped a 50-acre farm in Somerset for a 260-acre one in Limousin, despite having never visited France nor spoken a word of French
Wallabies retire to France
Determined to dodge the Grim Reaper for a few more years, Guardian Abroad reader Ray Johnstone left Australia to spend his retirement in France. He shares his tips on how to make everything come up sunflowers
Castle for a young prince
Paris-based Paul Myers shirks an opportunity to return to England to see friends and family, opting instead to brave a half-term jaunt to Burgundy with two young daughters and seven-month-old son
Wednesday at the Pompidou
Paul Myers recounts how what was supposed to be a quiet Wednesday afternoon perusing the Yves Klein retrospective in the Pompidou Centre in Paris became an unexpected lesson in phonetics
Don’t shy away from a new life
Mikki Spence writes that adjusting to a foreign country means learning to live with the feeling of being suspended between two worlds, until both of them start to feel suspiciously like home