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Property in the Republic of Turkey
Saundra Satterlee and the house market in Turkey
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Life in the freezer
With wind speeds of 98 knots and visibility below 100m, Jeremy Smith finds polar blizzards mean that trying to take a walk in the park in Antarctica is plain fool thinking
Diary of Mango Island
In the first of what should be an enduring series of epistles on life in the Philippines, Keith Warren writes about the day-to-day on Guimaras island
Last of the Baswara
Angela Mackay spends time with the Bushmen of Botswana, and finds that the tribe for whom patience is a way of life can't wait much longer
Green and pleasant land?
New Zealand might be the perfect place to go on holiday but the reality of living there is quite different. Steve Matthews finds he is a convert to a flawed paradise
Doha Diary
Don Christopher moved to Doha in 2005 to work as a corporate lawyer for Al-Jazeera television. Here we feature his musings as he begins a new life in Qatar
The sights and scents of home
It's not just rose coloured spectacles that make Jenny Kuper feel at home in Uganda. The indominable community spirit points to hope for the future
Waiting for the water lord
Stephen Davies watches the queue grow as the daily wait begins for water on tap in Burkina Faso
Smiling faces in the tropical north
Peter Engelsman is a reader of Guardian Abroad. His overview of life in Malaysia is essential reading for anyone thinking of heading out there for longer than a holiday
Return to Hungary
Catherine Lengyel finds that nostalgia is best lightly seasoned with paprika