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Blog Name What do I know?
Category Global diatribes and politics
Submitted Friday September 29, 2006

Headed bya quotefrom George Bernard Shaw, this blog gives an American perspective on life in Britain. It is published by Kathy Flake, who recently moved to the UK, where she raises a dog, a teenager, and some struggling houseplants; prepares sumptuous vegan feasts on a regular basis; and ponders the meaning of several things at once.

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Thursday October 5, 2006|Nancy Galloway in USA
Kathy provides unique wit, animal stories, transatlantic political perspectives, and delicious weekly recipes, then she sprinkles in the occasional travelog accompanied by her beautiful photography, and always provides timely links to other interesting sites, to create a blog I have come to thoroughly enjoy on a daily basis. I recommend it highly!
Wednesday October 4, 2006|eRobin in USA
I love this blog. As a long-time reader of What Do I Know, I have come to rely on Kathy Flake's wit, which makes her political observations on these very difficult times easier to read than most other blogs. Also, for food and UK travel tips, she can't be beat!
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